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The Universal Legacy of Love,

The legacy that is prized above all others is the sound of your voice.

  • The sound of Your voice saying I love you,
  • The sound of a 4 year old saying I love you before their voice matures,
  • The sound of mother’s Voice,
  • The sound of Grandpa encouraging his grandchild,
  • Dad’s voice saying, You can do it! I’ve always believed in YOU!”
  • Upload an image of you so they know who recorded the message.
  • Read a Bible verse,
  • Grandma sings a lullaby,
  • You can tell a personal story,
  • Recite a poem, sing a song or read a story,
  • Recite any family or personal information that a descendant would want to hear you say…
  • Dr. Qooz, a children’s book author, sponsors You can read one of his books to your family for free, OR,
  • Create your Legacy of Love, Your Voice, for your family even for those yet to be born.
  • Say anything you want for 30 minutes as a Founding Member, AND STORE IT IN THE CLOUD! (record from phone or PC)

Our children are our National Treasure. Encourage them to read.

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