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classic children’s books or Best seller children’s book, which should I choose for my child? A parent’s best way to prepare a child for life’s lessons is to teach the child to read. If you are a parent going through the maze of children’s books trying to find a book that your child would like, then a 3 ½ minute video solution, ‘How to Choose a Children’s Book’ will shorten your search. A child’s book that is interesting, inspiring, uses imagination to promote personal growth, teaches your child honesty and a learning technique of common sense that appeals to your child, can be ideal but difficult to find. One solution is to wade through 43,000 new children’s books that are published a year. If you can’t find what you are searching for in a newly published children’s book, then, there are 223,000,000 other children’s books already published that you can choose from.

How to choose a Children’s Book

Children’s Books evolved from stories in every language spoken from the beginning of time.

Children’s Books have a robust history spanning hundreds of years since John Lydgate wrote the first child’s book in 1430.

The first Children’s Books were about life lessons for the child to learn, etiquette, manners or school lessons. The Children’s Book evolution then drifted into poetry, comedy, puppet plays and songs from these original mundane children’s books.

Gradually the children’s books channeled children to the study of logic, grammar, arithmetic, spelling, geography and history.

Modern morphing of Children’s Books bring us to fairy tales, magic, fantasy, comics, super-heroes, monsters and horror stories.

If you want to inspire your young reader to develop their minds and use their imagination, the best place to start is early in the child’s mental development stage. Read to the child before age two. If your child is older, start now. Capture their attention by reading children’s picture books.

Best children’s books, top children’s books and best seller children’s books are categorized by genre and age.

The publishers push books that they have spent the most to advertise and promote. These books fail by the thousand every month. Self-published books have even a shorter life if they are not exceptionally good. The ONLY way to discern a “good children’s book” is to see the reviews of parents and grandparents that have already read the book to their child. Only then can you read what these critics have to say about the book by the dozens instead of one ad written by the publisher.

How to Choose a Children’s Book 

is simplified by just a few steps:
• Start by identifying books for the age group of your child,
• Choose a topic that THE CHILD IS INTERESTED IN, (if the child is into turtles, a unicorn story book will not do!),
• Determine if you want the book just to entertain, teach or both,
• Choose a book that you the reader can show enthusiasm in while reading, (the child will know if you are faking, don’t try to fool the them),
• Choose a book that Stirs the IMAGINATION of your child,
• Select a book that has a good teaching lesson,
• Decide on a book that is a #1 Best Seller.

If you find a book you think your child may like, preview the book for free (‘Look Inside’, Amazon), online, in the library or a book store. Always see if there is a free video of the book.
Check out the author:
1. Peruse his or her website,
2. Visit their Facebook page,
3. Check out their twitter account,
4. See if there is an accompanied Instagram account…
5. See if there are more books by this author if you like their work.

#1 Best Seller Children’s Book List

is updated monthly. There are ONLY 5 major organizations that compile lists of #1 Children’s Book Best Sellers:

Publishers Weekly, established in 1872, is an American weekly trade news magazine, using the tagline, “The International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling
Amazon, an American online shopping book store with a great selection of books and videos.
Indiebound List, compiled by the American Booksellers Association founded in 2008 and caters to Indie (self published) authors and bookstores.
New York Times’ Best Seller list has been published in the Times since October 12, 1931 and is considered the premier list of best-selling books in the United States.
USA Today’s # 1 Best-Selling Books list selects the top-selling 150 titles of books from many genres based on an analysis of sales from U.S. bookstores, bookstore chains, mass merchandisers and online retailers.
This combined list of #1 Best Seller Children’s Books is updated and available here each month.

Choosing a #1 Best Seller Children’s book allows you to use the opinion of at least 1000 readers of the book, (usually the parents, that left 5 star reviews). You will be able to read these reviews online. Out of 1000 downloaders or purchases, less than 20 leave a review.
There are only about six #1 Children’s Book Best Sellers a month. This small selection makes it much easier to choose a good Children’s book using the steps above, the next time you want to expand your child’s reading horizons.

Children’s picture books need to excite the mind of a child.

This same picture book must engage the adult reading the story, enough to convince the child that the reader is happy to read the book, (maybe over and over again) with enthusiasm every time.
Illustrated children’s picture books capture the imagination of the child immediately and hold it for the entire reading.

A children’s picture book that is well illustrated will stimulate word association with the images yielding a child’s quicker recognition of words. This learning process encourages the child to exercise their imagination so that their imagined images will kick in when they are older and reading books with less pictures. The objective is to help the child realize that the best source of knowledge is when he or she reads.
The ‘choosing a book’ tips outlined above will be an inspiration to your child while keeping them entertained and developing a desire to continue reading.

Best Children’s Books of All Time

A book that is read as an assigned class reading, out loud by a parent, secretly read under the covers with a flashlight after bedtime or by the child alone, builds a foundation of continuous learning. Children’s picture books have the ability to stir the creative mind of the child and spool up their imaginations, more than any other genre of books.
When cultivating a list of children’s picture books don’t forget to include some of the classic children’s books of the popular authors. Classic stories never grow old! Always identify what you desire in the book, entertainment, teaching or both.
Parents, teachers and librarians have contributed to the list of bestseller Children’s Books to suggest the most beloved books that should be on every child’s book-shelves.

Free Children’s Book Videos are a source of entertainment for the child

and a way for the parent to preview the book before purchasing. Contact the author to find free videos of their books. The author’s website, Amazon or Youtube should yield the video you search for. Sometimes a PDF copy of a book is available for perusal. As a parent, your introduction of reading to your child will influence them better than years of public education, because their reading habits will last the rest of their life. A child’s reading ability will directly affect their income and social standing no matter what career they pursue. The child’s life travels will be directly influenced by the books they read and the people they meet! Children’s books are the stepping stones to the child’s future…Conquer ignorance, read to a child.  Happy reading.