Dr. Qooz Stimulation a la Education

Some circles in academia assert: ‘Education equals Stimulation.’

If this were a mathematical equation, then it could also be stated as: ‘Stimulation equals Education’.

Perhaps this reversal suits some children better.
Rod Pitcher, an education expert, said, “Keeping a classroom environment stimulating will help stimulate a student’s mind, and make them better thinkers and learners.”
Dr. Qooz' BooksHe also theorized, that having a stimulating learning environment “will stimulate the students to do well and strive to do better.” Lastly he stated, “Anything that stimulates their minds will encourage them to take an interest and thus learn about the subject…”

Keeping a ‘classroom environment stimulating,’ is a daunting task, but “having a stimulating learning environment,’ is an ideal entry for Dr. Qooz.

Stories, books, and videos offered by Dr. Qooz engage the youngster by the art of storytelling. This assortment of media stimulates their minds with thoughts, lessons, information, and words, they may not have heard before. If the storytelling is effectual it will create camaraderie, which produces shared experience. Which in turn creates empathy, responsiveness, and understanding.

Thusly, you generate a mutual ‘stimulated learning experience,’ incorporating the child, the story, the illustrated characters of the story, and you. In the child’s mind, both of you are right there next to their favorite character, watching and experiencing what’s happening.
From a parent’s perspective, why would this be important or desirable? You may think, “a children’s book is just that, ‘a children’s book,’ something to momentarily entertain the child.” Dr. Qooz does not agree with this premise.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) defines “early childhood” as occurring before the age of eight. During this “early childhood” a youngster goes through a swift phase of growth and development. Their brains develop faster than at any other point in their lives. During these years the building blocks of self-esteem, social skills, development of cognitive skills, and moral outlook are established.

“By the time a child is 3, the brain is 80 percent developed; at age 5, 90 percent,” according to FirstThingsFirst.org. These early years represent the critical time for children to start building the neurological connections and links that they will need to function in the real world as successful adults.

Stimuli is not always comfortable. It is the response to it, that is important. It’s a characteristic of being alive and growing. Dr. Qooz’ desired effect of deliberate stimuli in the course of his storytelling is for the child to learn. Plausible challenges that the young child may face in school are introduced vicariously through the story’s characters. Wisdom and advice sprinkled with humor are advocated by a character mentor. Foreign places and ideas are explored. Descriptive words are presented that need to be understood. A robust vocabulary of ‘Dr. Qooz’ Words to Use,’ is employed throughout the books. Each of these contributing tools make up a structure of ‘stimulation that equals education.’

The parent is responsible for stimulating, i.e., educating, their child. You want your child to excel, and surpass mediocrity. Not just while they are youngsters, but all through life, and on into adulthood. Dr. Qooz’ exceptional books and stories can help you achieve this goal.

Best Selling Author, Daniel Pink, wrote, “The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers – creative and holistic ‘right-brain’ thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t.

Dr. Qooz writes stories of substance, which includes common sense, moral compass, and life lessons.

His math equation for reading is: stimulation = education

According to parents and educators, Tim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook,  revealed three decades of research and data that proves;

the Deduction:
‘the well-read child will be the most knowledgeable, the most traveled, the best educated, the most articulate and will be in the top 1 % of every class from 6th grade till after college and always be the CEO or in the top 1 % of management or every job they pursue!


Therefore Dr. Qooz has included a glossary titled ‘Words to Use By Dr. Qooz’ in every book he writes to expand the horizons of the reader.