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Why is Gerrie the Giraffe standing upside down in the book, “Who Are You”?

Caleb 7, Blackrock AR

Dr.Qooz Answer:

Caleb, Gerrie was in a strange place and did not know anyone there. He felt so awkward and out of place that he stood as low as he could with his head between his legs because he thought if he looked the same height as everyone else that they would not notice how different he was from them.

Why does Zora the Zebra have a rainbow colored mane in, “Fargone Series”?

Timmy 5, Memphis TN

Dr.Qooz Answer:

Timmy, Zora thought she would like to dye her hair and she liked it. Her friends liked it, but her parents did not. However, when you dye your hair a different color it takes almost a half a year for it to turn back to the original color so Zora just kept dying it rainbow colors.

Where did Believe-A-Bill the bus get his name in “Where Are We”?

Jenna 8, Dothan AL

Dr.Qooz Answer:

Jenna, Believe-A-Bill the Bus was Billy Buss the story teller. Billy Buss told so many stories that he eventually was put on Groundation by his parents. He could not leave home without his parents. Billy Buss’ stories were so wild, nobody believed anything he said. No one trusted Billy Buss. Billy Buss’ stories always got him or his friends in trouble.  While at home alone Billy Buss began to read about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln always telling the truth.

Billy Bus vowed to always tell the truth and never tell a lie again. Billy Bus became well thought of and was welcomed everywhere he went. One day the Headmaster Bus called Billy Bus in front of all the little Buses and gave him a Good Citizenship Award for his Honesty, Common Sense and good citizenship helping others.

The Headmaster Bus declared from this day forward, Billy Bus the Story Teller shall be known as Believe-A-Bill the Bus! When Believe-A-Bill was asked to speak, he said I only have one thing to say, “When you tell the truth you never have to remember what you said the first time!”

What does the 2212 Imagination Street address represent?

Mary Ann, parent of 3 boys under 9. Ft. Meyers, FL

Dr.Qooz Answer:

When the idea of a perfect logo was being considered, many ideas were suggested and gradually the concept of reading children that were aged 2 to 12 years old, reading the Fargone Series was ideal. So 2 to 12 morphed into 2212.

Imagination Street is not a physical address that you find with GPS. Imagination Street is pinpointed with MSR (mentally stimulated reading)  and can technically be called the shortest street in the world but the longest street in the galaxy. Although Imagination Street is in near constant motion, it never moves any further than the 5 inches between your ears.

Is the Car in “Tree to Twelve” a made up cartoon car or real car?

Ellen, parent, York, England

Dr.Qooz Answer:

Ellen, the little red car was drawn to resemble a 1961 Porsche 356 B Cabriolet. The 1961 Porsche 356 B remains a very popular car almost 60 years after it’s debut. The artist felt this car best represented the whimsical vehicle to take a Trip to Twelve to “for-member” lane.

The little red car takes on a character of its own, with expressions and no driver as if the children might be playing in Dad’s car while it is standing still. The car seems to be able to elevate the imagination of its riders to reality.

2020 Literary Titan Award

Why Do you give away your books to record on LegacyToo?

Diane, 7, Phoenix AZ

Dr.Qooz Answer:

When asked Why do you want to give Your Stories Away to be recorded on, I have to tell a personal story.

Its better than a Dousey

Dr. Qooz Age 7 in the Evereglages

My dad asked his mom if she would record her life story. He presented her with a recorder and tapes and showed her where the record button was.
After my grandmother passed my dad picked up the tapes and he heard his mother say, “This is what I wanted to share with you honey.” her voice faded and faded until it was just a mumble for 90 minutes.

My dad asked his sister what happened?
She said, “Well mom pushed the button to record and started cleaning her house and as she got further and further away from the recorder you can’t understand what she was saying. You never told that she had to stay close to the microphone.”

That was a disappointment. Later I asked my dad if he would record his story as I presented him with a tape recorder and a handful of tapes.

He said, “Sure son, be happy to.

After he passed away I retrieved the tapes and there was nothing on them. I asked his caretaker what happened, “why isn’t there anything recorded on the tapes? ”She replied that he picked up the tape recorder looked around the room and shook his head and set the tape recorder back down.

Finally he replied, “I just don’t know where to start or what to say.” That was a bigger disappointment

Years later as I remember these two failures, I decided what was needed was an outline or at least something to read so the recorder would know what to say without hesitancy. So I decided to let anyone read Dr. Qooz’ books for free so they could make it through the entire recording feeling comfortable and always know what they were going to say next, as they read for a purpose to their children or grandchildren.

Immediately some people said, “Well I don’t want to read a children’s book, I’d like to tell a story.”

So I suggest you can make an outline for your parents or grandparents to help them record their story. Start with:
• tell us about your grandparents,
• tell us about your parents,
• tell how you met your grandfather,
• tell us of your greatest accomplishments,
• what would you do different if you started over at 21,
• tell how different it was to raise children in your time and how it differs from now,
• tell about your hobbies,
• tell us about your bucket list,
• and Oh yes, tell the family stories that we have grown so fond of?
You can gift a 15 minute session to your parents or grandparents or they can purchase as much time as they need on but as long as they read the stories that Dr. Qooz has written, their voice will be stored in the cloud for their great, great grandchildren yet to be born to hear them tell the story in their voice for free.

2020 Literary Titan Award

What is a Chapbook?

Angela, 5, Dover-Foxcroft ME

Dr.Qooz Answer:

A chapbook is a small publication of poems, usually under 40 pages. Chapbooks were so called because they were sold by street peddlers known as chapmen. Chap comes from Old English for trade, so a chapman was literally a salesman of books.

Why did you choose a Dalmation in the ABC With You and Me book?

Amy, 6, Churchill MT

Dr.Qooz Answer:

Dalmatian dogs are named after the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia, in Croatia. Dalmatian dogs are credited for being bred as a hunting and protector dog from Croatia. The Dalmatians were originally bred toDalmatian guard coaches and horses, this protective instinct remains true today, making them great companion dogs.
My friend and illustrator, Irena Urosevic, of Dr. Qooz’ books lives in Croatia. I felt that it would be more than proper to represent the pride of Croatia, Dalmatians, with her work.
The origins of this breed can be traced back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia.
In the 1800s, when horses pulled fire engines, Dalmatian dogs began their long association with firefighters. Today, Dalmatians accompany the Budweiser Clydesdales in parades.
During their long history, these “coach dogs” have accompanied the horse-drawn rigs of nobles, travelers, and firefighters.


Why is there a house cat in the jungle class?

Sam, 7, Klawok AK

Dr.Qooz Answer:

Many children have pets. Most children know that pets are animals. Dr. Qooz feels that all animals should be represented in the jungle classroom. A familiar student that the child can identify with helps them accept classmates that that they don’t know.
Miss Krissy, the kitty, is a close friend of Tode the turtle and wise about many things. The personality of Krissy develops from day one, (Who Are You), and she becomes an integral part of Tode’s life as a best friend. Qualities such as compassion, friendship, honesty, and common sense exudes from Krissy the kitten.
Krissy is accepted by the entire class. She blends right in. The qualities she has are important to each one of us and our friends. Look for the sincere honest intentions of Krissy in selecting your friends. Krissy returns as a mentor to Tode, Zora the Zebra and Harriet the hippo.






Is there really such a thing as a blue moon?

Reggie, 8, Lynden, WA

Blue moonDr.Qooz Answer:

The moon can be seen in a variety of hues and colors. Certain atmospheric phenomena causes the moon to appear a variety of colors, ‘blueish’ is one of those colors.

The Moon does not have any light of its own—it shines because its surface reflects sunlight. That reflected sunlight may go thru a ‘filter’ of sorts, when you view it.

Smoke from wildfires sometimes hundreds of miles away, dust from sand storms, volcanic eruptions across the globe, even an eclipse can make the moon appear various colors.

Also note: a “blue moon” is referred to as the rare occurrence of a second “full moon” that happens in a calendar month.