Introducing by Dr. Qooz

Did you write your name on the wall?  Did you see the Taj Mahal?
Did you read to your child about far-away places, while the child was in braces?
Did you take photos, while you played in the meadows?
Memories created are tentative, but the most valued,…our VOICE, is time sensitive…
Record Your Voice for their Future.  LegacyToo has you covered. Start here

Who is Dr. Qooz, Where is Fargone

Who is Dr. Qooz is a question every parent is Googling on the internet. Dr. Qooz is an international #1 Best Selling Children’s Book Author. Dr. Qooz’ first book Who Are You was a Hot New Release and Best Seller that received the Literary Titan Award. Gerri meets each one of his classmates. The first…

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How To Choose a Children’s Book

How to Choose a Children’s book? Choosing made easy! There are two hundred thirty three million children’s books sold every year. Forty thousand eight hundred NEW children books are published every year and increasing by four percent a year. So with 233,040,800 children’s books to choose from, it’s no wonder you would ask,: “Which one…

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Where Are We by Dr.Qooz

Where Are We

Where Are We, the third book in the Journey to Fargone Series, (Click to see Inside), is now available from Amazon The book opens to answer the question of how Gerri the giraffe, from Fargone, got to the jungle as there are no roads, airports, boats or trains that came to the jungle. Time travel,…

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From Tree to Twelve a Counting Book by Dr. Qooz

Take a trip with Nick and Millie from Noses to Toes-es 9000 years of proof brings the credibility of this method of teaching numbers. From Tree to Twelve, A counting Book from Noses to Toes-es, uses the age old word association technique of showing the number, saying the word of the number and then showing…

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Dr. Qooz’ Book Awards

Dr. Qooz has accomplished multiple literary awards and international recognition.   Numerous honors and awards have been bestowed upon these books. Out of 43,000 children’s books published each year, only 6 a month become #1 Best sellers. Dr. Qooz has made each of his books into audio books that can be downloaded for free. All…

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My Nonreading Child

Is there hope for my nonreading child? My nonreader child is going into the 3rd grade and cannot read. When should I get concerned that she is a nonreader Child. Some kids just “get it” early, even in kindergarten, reading that is. Other children, stumble and take more time to decode language by making the…

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Dr. Qooz Spreads Children Hope

Dr. Qooz' Books

Hope is spelled i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i-o-n! Dr. Qooz quote, “All of our tomorrows depend on our children’s IMAGINATION.” Stories of Hope is the catapult for a child to use their imagination to expand their horizons, think outside the box and develop common sense. Radio host, lawyer, Judge, podcaster, fellow children’s book author, and founder of the nonprofit…

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ABC With You And Me

ABC BOOK and Game

  A new approach to re-engage students that gave up on reading. This book engages the reader and the listener to play a game while learning word – image associations. One out of five high school graduates are functionally illiterate … simply said, they CAN NOT READ well enough to manage daily living and perform…

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Popular Children’s Books

Popular children’s books can be defined as best-selling children’s books, most read children’s books, or most recognized children’s books. The most popular children’s books are picture books for children. Children associate words with pictures learning to read faster with a greater vocabulary with a book that includes many pictures. There are picture books with no…

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Me, As Meant To Be; To Thine Own Self Be True

Bullying and peer pressure plague every child’s environment worldwide. Fat Harriet Hippo overcomes this oppression and the continued pressuring of Weezy. This overbearing classmate wants to do a makeover, crushing Harriet’s dreams.   A good friend does not depress you or make you feel annoyed when you are with them. Friendship relies on who we…

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