FIRST DAY Of School by Dr. Qooz
MAY 13, 2018
Ether, Orbital Tangent
Who Are You?
First Day of School
By Dr. Qooz, plural of “Q”
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Text and illustrations Copyright © 2018, Fargone™ Publishing TRUST, Illustrated by Irena Urosevic,
Derrill Fussell, Rebekah Hernandez, & Tanya Cox,
Front Cover:2018 ©, Derrill Fussell
No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recorded or otherwise without written permission from the author.
Dedicated to:
Lindsey Fussell, fifth grade reading teacher who ignited the spark to write this book. Without her interest in teaching children to read, her encouragement to write a children’s book, and her continued cheering, this book would have never been written!
• Acknowlegements: Parents from all corners of the world and their children that have asked specifically for a story from Dr. Qooz™. My
Bride who suggested the opening page and whose continued support allowed me to complete this book.
• My great, good friend Dr. Steve who first told me of the Land of Fargone, “Fargone is so far away that you can’t get there from here!” he exclaimed. “The only way to get to Fargone is to Journey there by determination or be led by a guide that has been there…” The concept for this book was born in Sunriver, Oregon.
• The many Reviewers that left 5 STAR Reviews that has propelled me to the Best Seller Status! My children, who drew some of the images, and are the source of the content for this story. My editors & illustrator(s) who have totally made me look good. Galaxies of praise for reading my mind! My sisters, brothers, and hundreds of friends that continue to encourage and support me with their thoughts and prayers. Google Dr. Qooz

Dr. Qooz, pronounced as plural of “Q”, grew up in one of the strangest lands of all the World, the Everglades in Florida, known to the natives as Naples on the Gulf.
He grew up amongst the creatures not usually associated with the Sunshine State such as “sea cows”, “crocks”, “key deer”, and ghosts, ghost orchids that is. Naples is Home to bald eagles, eagles of NHS and soaring eagles of which he happens to be one.
Dr. Qooz left the Everglades for Florida SouthWestern State College, Fort Myers, then on to Skagit Valley College, in Mount Vernon Washington.
Dr. Qooz had 4 girls and two boys that gifted him 18 grandchildren and great grandchildren. It was during these visits with the children that he realized the need to share some of his best stories and tips for children and parents.
Dr. Qooz, founded the International Orchid Seed Foundation, was the inventor of a removable hard drive for computers, and frequently visited the White House, and Old Executive Office building next door selling his wares.
From California’s southern San Diego, Dr. Qooz began the quest of seeing the world. Japan, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Chile, England, France, Philippines, Germany, Turkey, Canada, all USA states, and a few destinations that will never be mentioned soon filled his itinerary.
Montana, Alaska and Washington state is his adopted home. Dr. Qooz has been on a quest to find Fargone most of his life and now begins to share his adventures through, the series, Journey to Fargone.
Dr. Qooz currently lives at 2 to 12, Imagination Street, Fargone, Land of Anything Is Possible!