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Children’s Book by #1 Best Seller Dr Qooz Helps Overcome 1st Day School Jitters


Atoka, OK –June 19, 2018- The transition from home to school can create scars that last into adulthood. “Who Are You” is a Kid’s Book that can minimize your child’s fears while transitioning from the home to school. Dr. Qooz, plural of Q, prepares children the night before the first day of school with a story book for ages 2-6 that tempers the issues of:

  • What to expect when alone for the first time,
  • Fear of the unknown,
  • Group bullying,
  • 1st time away from Mom and Dad and,
  • It’s Ok that everyone is different.

Gerri the giraffe has arrived in a jungle classroom from the Land of Fargone™ that no one has ever heard of. Gerri feels awkward, has a stutter, is taller, alone and unsure how to fit in. As Gerri meets each one of his classmates, a solution slowly evolves. “Who Are You”, the first story book of the “Journey to Fargone” series, won Amazon’s awards of #1 hot new release and #1 best seller in ten different children’s book categories.

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