Dr. Qooz, the International Best Selling Children’s Book Author

Amazon, May 14, 2018, Dr. Qooz rose to Number One New Release Best Seller, #1 Best Seller in 3 Children’s Book Categories, with an overall sales rank of 2072, out of 1.8 million titles!

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Dr. Qooz grew up in one of the strangest lands of all the World, the Everglades of Florida.

The outskirts of his home, were the abodes of some of the richest people of the world, Port Royal, West Palm Beach, Miami Beach, and Naples on the Gulf, but inside the Glades were places seldom seen by humans called Royal Palm Hammock, Peace River, Fakahatchee Strand, Mullet Slough, Shark River, Bull Yearlin Run, Piper’s Pasture, Big Cypress, Corkscrew Sanctuary and Devil’s Garden, where some of the saltiest, honest, less affluent, hardest working people in the world survived. There, Daddy “Q” raised three boys and two girls, amongst the creatures not now associated with the Sunshine State such as “sea cows”, ghost orchids, “gators”, “panthers”, snakes, “razorbacks”, mosquitos and “no-seeums”, ants, roaches, flies, ticks, gator fleas, silverfish and other household vermin.

The real estate moguls descended upon Dr. Qooz’ homeland

like the plague developing office lots and home-sites on ground that had been underwater for millennia. The thermostatically controlled blanket of water that covered the land up to 6” deep was drained directly into the Gulf of Mexico and airports stopped at the edge of the “Glades”. Millions of looky loos came to speculate and Dr. Qooz decided to see, what these people were running from.

Severe droughts replaced the water blanket, fire erupted, far north reaching freezes and the insects multiplied upon the land with such voracity that even the natives said “never before in recorded history had they seen such calamity.”

Dr. Qooz left the Everglades for Florida SouthWestern State College, Fort Myers, then on to Skagit Valley College, in Mount Vernon Washington.

Dr. Qooz has 4 girls and 2 boys that gifted him 18 grandchildren and great grandchildren. It was during these visits with the children that he realized the need to share some of his biggest tips for children and parents.

Dr. Qooz, founded the International Orchid Seed Foundation, was the inventor of a removable harddrive for computers, and frequently visited the White House, and Old Executive Office building next door selling his wares.

From California’s southern San Diego, Dr. Qooz began the quest of seeing the world. Japan, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Chile, Bahamas, England, France, Philippines, Germany, Turkey, Canada, all USA states, and a few destinations that will never be mentioned soon filled his itinerary.

Dr. Qooz introduces a strange land of Fargone, land of enchantment and the mysterious home of Gerri the Giraffe.

Gerri is proud of his homeland that seems so far away, but his memory records that Fargone was so exciting that he could never compare this land to home.

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The intrigue of the strange land Fargone is foremost in this book Who Are You? Dr. Qooz plans another book coming soon called Journey to Fargone.