Dr. Qooz, Father of Reading

Dr. Qooz, Father of Reading, is world renown for the telling of children’s stories elaborately illustrated in children’s picture books. Dr. Qooz was raised in the Everglades quoting a famous passage, “I wasn’t raised, I was laid on a stump as a buzzard egg, hatched by the arching sun and jerked up by the hair…

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Picture Books

What is a picture book? A child’s picture book tells more than a story. A picture is better than 1000 words. There is a picture on every page of a picture book. Storytelling is the vehicle that elevates the picture into the imagination stimulus that keeps the child engaged and wanting to soak up every…

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Best Books to Read to Grandchildren

Grandparent Reading to Grandchildren

Children’s Books for the Grandchildren solves a gift question year around… Alfred and Bernice were not only neighbors, but they were dear friends I had for many years. Each year they insisted on giving me a Christmas present and I tried to reciprocate in my own way. It wasn’t about getting something for them that…

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#1 Best Seller Award 4 Books in a ROW!

Sight to See fourth #1 BEST SELLER for Dr. Qooz! Sight to See is the second book in the Fargone Series written by Dr. Qooz. This #1 Best Seller has a message for children and parents! One out of five Children have a learning or behavioral disability because the can not see. Furthermore, the child…

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Dr. Qooz Book Inspirations

Tode at bat

  At every reading I am asked where do I get my ideas for my children’s books… Several years ago my child, now an adult called for some advice. It would have been easy to say, “You know, you’ve had your eighteenth birthday and eventually you will have to use your personal experiences to guide…

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