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Questions for Dr. Qooz

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  • Why is Gerrie the Giraffe standing upside down in the book, Who Are You? Caleb 7, Blackrock AR


Caleb, Gerrie was in a strange place and did not know anyone there. He felt so awkward and out of place that he stood as low as he could with his head between his legs because he thought if he looked the same height as everyone else that they would not notice how different he was from them.




  • Why does Zora the Zebra have a rainbow colored mane in Fargone Series? Timmy 5, Memphis TN



Timmy, Zora thought she would like to dye her hair and she liked it. Her friends liked it, but her parents did not. However, when you dye your hair a different color it takes almost a half a year for it to turn back to the original color so Zora just kept dying it rainbow colors.






  • Where did Believe-A-Bill the bus get his name in Where Are We? Jenna 8, Dothan AL

Jenna, Believe-A-Bill the Bus was Billy Buss the story teller. Billy Buss told so many stories that he eventually was put on Groundation by his parents. He could not leave home without his parents. Billy Buss’ stories were so wild, nobody believed anything he said. No one trusted Billy Buss. Billy Buss’ stories always got him or his friends in trouble.  While at home alone Billy Buss began to read about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln always telling the truth. Billy Bus vowed to always tell the truth and never tell a lie again. Billy Bus became well thought of and was welcomed everywhere he went. One day the Headmaster Bus called Billy Bus in front of all the little Buses and gave him a Good Citizenship Award for his Honesty, Common Sense and good citizenship helping others.

The Headmaster Bus declared from this day forward, Billy Bus the Story Teller shall be known as Believe-A-Bill the Bus! When Believe-A-Bill was asked to speak, he said I only have one thing to say, “When you tell the truth you never have to remember what you said the first time!”