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The child fails in the Classroom and the Playground, solution revealed in new children’s book.

One out of every five children have a learning disability or a behavioral problem that is easily corrected.

Contact Derrill Fussell at 580 367 0107 or drqooz@gmail.com.

Atoka, Oklahoma, October 29, 2019 The child is disinterested in learning in the classroom. The same child does not excel on the playground.

Dr. Qooz has discovered a solution that allows any parent to recognize this universal plague.

This latest number one Best Seller, by Dr. Qooz, has been hi-lighted by specialist on all points of the map. Teachers and counselors have heralded Sight to See as a long overdue revelation that easily allows your normal child to overcome their temporary issue. The best news is that Dr. Qooz is giving all his video books away free.

The book is a wonderful children’s story and a powerful lesson where a concerned classmate recognizes the symptoms and helps solve the mystery of poor participation. Most children can go as far as the 6th grade without this correctable issue being addressed.

In most cases the teacher or the parent doesn’t have a clue the child needs help.

The child does not know that they have a learning handicap. The child loves the playground but is not well adjusted, and in many cases not accepted because of poor participation.

This question prompted Dr. Qooz’ new book, “Sight to See a Children’s Book.”

To get a qualified answer to this common dilemma, Dr. Qooz visited with doctors, interviewed Librarians, counselors and questioned teachers.

“At first glance, this is just another kid’s book, but by the time I finished, I was wondering why a physician had not written this book years ago. Absolutely TIMELESS!” Dr. J. Harris O.D. CA

“As a librarian for 45 years, I could only suggest a solution. Dr. Qooz finally has an answer that is short and complete for each individual child.” Alice W. OK

Great book for parents and an even better story for children. Some of the events were evident in my life as a child. Well done Dr. Qooz, common sense, good citizenship prevails for our children! Nancy, MLIS, GA


For more information about “Sight to See” Contact Derrill Fussell at 580 367 0107 or drqooz@gmail.com.

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