Dr. Qooz (pronounced like the letter "Q" plural) was born in Florida just outside the Everglades. Raised in poverty in one of the richest cities per capita in the world, Dr. Qooz set his goals of dropping most of his southern brogue, traveling the world, and becoming a communicator. Dr. Qooz studied 5 languages in college but found the most overlooked language was that of a child in any language. Dr. Qooz has become world famous for his work with children.

# 1 Best Seller List of Children’s Books

There are only about 72 #1 Best Seller Children’s Books a year. About 6 new books are added to this list each month. These are the most popular 75 plus books from over 41,000 NEW books published each year and a few from the 233 million children’s books sold each year. 1.            Harry Potter and …

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Where Are We by Dr.Qooz

Where Are We, the third book in the Journey to Fargone Series, is now available from Amazon The book opens to answer the question of how Gerri the giraffe, from Fargone, got to the jungle as there are no roads, airports, boats or trains that came to the jungle. Time travel, adventure and ‘mystery history’ …

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Where Are We 3rd Fargone Series Book

Where Are We, A field trip to Paradise, is the third book in the Fargone Series by Dr. Qooz. All of the same characters that were in Who Are You, are in all the Fargone Series. The question arises about Gerri giraffe, how he came to the NoWay Jungle, as there are no roads, airports, …

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How To Choose a Children’s Book

How to Choose a Children’s book? Choosing made easy! There are two hundred thirty three million children’s books sold every year. Forty thousand eight hundred NEW children books are published every year and increasing by four percent a year. So with 233,040,800 children’s books to choose from, it’s no wonder you would ask,: “Which one …

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Review Children’s Books

Video Reviews of Children’s Books, Number One Best Sellers, Classics, Top Librarians’ Choice by # 1 Best Selling author, Dr. Qooz. The top 100 Children’s Books of all time are rated by reviews, sales, popularity, made into movies, politics and publishers. Dr. Qooz Cuts through all of the Chicanery, skulduggery and miscreant actions of non-parents …

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Local Author Goes International Number 1 Best Seller of Children’s Books

Amazon’s professionally known  Dr. Qooz, has published a Children’s Picture Book, “Who Are You?” Dr. Qooz Was #1 Best Selling Hot New Release And #1 Best Seller in 10 different Children’s Book Categories, ranking 179 out of 1.8 million Kindle books on Amazon. Children are our National Treasure. We sometimes forget the children are All …

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