#1 Best Seller Award 4 Books in a ROW!

Sight to See fourth #1 BEST SELLER for Dr. Qooz!

Sight to See is the second book in the Fargone Series written by Dr. Qooz. This #1 Best Seller has a message for children and parents!

Sight to See

One out of five Children have a learning or behavioral disability because the can not see. Furthermore, the child does not know how to tell you they can not see as well as you. They have no examples of poor vision to compare what may be regular vision.

Unfortunately parents don’t know the symptoms of poor eyesight and the child may suffer through several years of school before the child’s vision is checked by a professional.

This child’s story is evident in almost every family on the planet. A solution is just the turn of a page away!

Sight to See is one of the top rated children’s books of the year rated by parents.
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