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At every reading I am asked where do I get my ideas for my books…

Several years ago my child, now an adult called for some advice. It would have been easy to say, “You know, you’ve had your eighteenth birthday and eventually you will have to use your personal experiences to guide you to make your own decisions,” but I didn’t. I listened carefully and opening my ancient “Live and Learn File”, I dusted it off and carefully extrapolated a solution to the problem at hand. I made sure to make suggestions so as not to RAM my ideas down the throat of my child.

Immediately my offspring said, “Dad you should write a book and include all these solutions, because every child doesn’t have a dad like you to call for advice…”

The gears started to whir and I tried to “get the inspiration” on what to put in a book, I was totally “at a Loss”. So I sat down to ruminate. From the swamps of the Everglades as a teenager to every state in the Union, all but one province of Canada, many stops in Mexico, several Caribbean countries, Chili and numerous countries in Asia and Europe I have trod since I called Florida my home.

Each mile was laced with visual and mindful overloads that I sculpted into words of wit or tucked away as a story to tell the family at a future event. I started making notes of these highlights.

I woke one morning remembering the first day of school in the first grade. I was bewildered at the crying, screaming and tantrums I witnessed. Mom and Dad had sat me in bed the night before to tell me all about the next day, the failed to tell me about the floor show that I was witnessing.

Adults have forgotten their 1st day alone or put it so far in the annals of forgetfulness that they were unaware that the second most traumatic time of a child’s life is the first time the child is left alone without mom and dad. The most traumatic is birth. I had my idea for my first book! Hence, Who Are You. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dr+qooz

My third book is more of all the above, using the same animals created for the first book but a couple of years later in that class. As I crawled through the crevices of my mind looking for subject matter that would interest a 3rd grader, I decided to take a journey through history. I could only get there from here if I could convince the reader that their imagination could get them to any destination I pointed to. In the writing of this book it occurred to me that every child starts life with the parents cheerleading, “You can walk, you can do it, you can talk,” only to eventually chide, “don’t do that, stop, you can’t do that.”

My parents were strict disciplinarians, however, they never quit believing I had the ability to achieve whatever I was pursuing.  I felt I had to encourage every reader to always use their imagination, after all, today’s children hold all of our future in their minds. Our children’s imagination is OUR NATIONAL TREASURE! I had my idea for book three. Where Are We. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dr+qooz

Yes, I know I received countless inquires about what happened to book two… Well I hadn’t put it together yet, so I published book 3 out of sequence.

I watched the toddler repetitiously count and start over, “one, three, two, one four,” and I again faded back in time to my parents, my children, friend’s children I had met all over the world, and how they all crawled out of the doldrums of counting and entered into the exciting “trip to numbers”. It stuck with the child when you made correlations with things the child was already acquainted with and these foreign words called numbers. This natural combination is used in every language for children to learn numbers and they never forget. Although book 4 is a learning numbers book, I used a little human boy and a girl monkey as new characters to teach a lesson that is 9000 years old but forgotten by some newer teaching methods. Here is a term that is a common thread through all my books, Common Sense. Common sense, honor and good citizenship are traits that have made every civilization successful. Often overlooked, but always applicable, I include these techniques in (every) book 4. From Tree to Twelve.  https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dr+qooz

Finally, book 2 of the Fargone series, evaded me like mountains lost in the fog. I knew I wanted to use the same jungle characters and expand the trip Fargone. All trips don’t include travel. Using the imagination you can travel anywhere on this planet or any place in the galaxy. This book has taken  longer to write and illustrate than the first four books that I have written. When you see the scenery that this book allows you to see, you will have the true definition of, ‘A Look See’. This is unlike any book you’ve ever read to a child before, or any book you read before, this book will change the life of almost everyone who reads it. I am hoping for a publishing date around 1 October. Book 2 Sight to See. I hope you enjoy. I will be asking for your help when it is published. You can download the e-book for free and preferably leave a five star review.

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The 5th book is for adults and also can be viewed for free at the address above. How to Choose A Children’s Book.

Fargone. The questions continue to roll in. How did you come up with a name like that? Where’s Fargone at? Is it a real place? Is it imaginary? What is the importance of a ‘Trip to Fargone’?

A doctor friend of mine responded to one of my questions of where an item was, by saying, “it’s Fargone. His next comment was quaint, “Fargone is so far away, you can’t get there from here!”

The answer to the rest of the questions are answered in part in each of the Fargone series books.

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