Where Are We by Dr.Qooz

Where Are We, the third book in the Journey to Fargone Series, is now available from Amazon

Where Are We?

The book opens to answer the question of how Gerri the giraffe, from Fargone, got to the jungle as there are no roads, airports, boats or trains that came to the jungle.

Time travel, adventure and ‘mystery history’ abounds in Dr. Qooz’ latest book. This motivational children’s book meets all the qualifications a parent desires to keep the interest and development of the child’s creative imagination.
This book can be purchased as paperback now or receive it <strong>FREE from Amazon on January 3, 2019!

The characters are the same as the 1st book in the Fargone Series. The characters and creatures are colorful and abound in beautiful surroundings. Parents will learn how to pronounce the names correctly and children learn about geography before there was a school.

This teaching book is for the adults and the children. The story is encouraging for every child to expand their imagination, believe big, think big and grow exponentially.

Young readers 6 to 11 year olds will use their imagination to time travel to a paradise they never imagined. Come with us on a journey that transcends, space and time.

Join the NoWay Jungle Class on their Field Trip to Paradise.

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