Where Are We 3rd Fargone Series Book

Where Are We, A field trip to Paradise, is the third book in the Fargone Series by Dr. Qooz.

All of the same characters that were in Who Are You, are in all the Fargone Series.
The question arises about Gerri giraffe, how he came to the NoWay Jungle, as there are no roads, airports, boats or trains that came to the jungle. Gerri’s explanation is simple, “let me show you how my family got here!”
Where Are We is a week away from being published. This historical fiction takes the reader back in time on the very spot they leave on the field trip. Six to nine year olds will use their imagination to time travel to a paradise they never imagined. Come with us on a journey that transcends, space and time.
Creatures abound in beautiful surroundings. Parents learn how to pronounce the names correctly and children learn about geography before there was a school.

This teaching book is for the adults and the children. The story is encouraging for every child to expand their imagination, believe big, think big and grow exponentially.

New worlds, new words and a story that needs to be relayed to all our children.
Incidentally Dr. Qooz says book 2 of the Fargone Series is following.

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