Number One Best Seller Children’s Book Reading List

Dr. Qooz releases a new two minute video revealing tips for parents on How to Choose Children’s Books.

Dr. Qooz, says there are three big hurdles guarding book choice.

These hurdles are narrowed from 233 million down to 6 choices a month in less than 2 minutes

it takes to view the video. “All parents choose from 233,041,000 children’s books, of which 41,000 are new books, published this year,” Dr. Qooz says. “Our National treasure is our children’s imagination. Our future and heritage are manifested by our children. Parents should cultivate that imagination with parental encouragement, starting with stellar children’s books. As a father, grandfather, and great grandfather, I’ve traveled the world and I’ve learned the importance of children. At the end of the day, they are people too, and deserved to be loved and nurtured through reading. Their lives will be influenced by the people they meet and the books they read.” Leave your email so I can send you the Best Seller List that is updated every month.

Dr. Qooz says that the biggest dilemma for parents looking to help form young minds is finding a book that will help them become properly nurtured children that grow up to be responsible adults. To this end, the author has created a YouTube video meant to assist parents in their search. “There are 233 million titles out there on the market, and children’s books are thriving,” according to Dr. Qooz. “So I made a simple short video to help parents figure out How to Choose a Children’s Book and break down what they are looking for in a child’s book.”

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