How To Choose a Children’s Book

How to Choose a Children’s book? Choosing made easy!

There are two hundred thirty three million children’s books sold every year.

Forty thousand eight hundred NEW children books are published every year and increasing by four percent a year.

So with 233,040,800 children’s books to choose from, it’s no wonder you would ask,:
“Which one do I buy?(read the rest of the Story here)

The formula to make the best choice when buying a children’s book that is the same, we want a classic children’s book that is more than “Jack and Jill Ran up The Hill”.

As a parent we are looking for a book that:
1.) Is a #1 Best Seller
2.) Has Good reading skills,
3.) Has a good teaching lesson,
4.) Stirs the IMAGINATION, AND
5.) The CHILD likes & approves!


Here are 5 tips to make your purchase of a children’s book easier:

1.) If we are in the book store we can pick up the book and peruse or look through it. This will answers tips 1 – 3. So, if you are not in a store, but online, check to see if there is a FREE VIDEO BOOK for you and the child to view.

2.) Good teaching lessons are easily found by previewing the book.

3.) If the book stirs your imagination then it will probably do the same for your child.


4.) A NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER is the BEST indicator to help you to buy a children’s book.

a. Out of 233,040,798 children’s books sold this year there will only be about 72, (SEVENTY TWO) #1 Best Sellers in the Children’s book categories. Each book only averages 5 days in the limelight. This IS The Biggest tip in deciding which children’s book to buy.

b. Why is #1 best-seller book such a big deal? There are ONLY 5 organizations that compile lists that Rate Children’s Book Best Sellers:

i. Amazon Best Sellers

ii. Publishers Weekly,

iii. New York Times.    

   iv. USA Today,  and

v. Indiebound List, compiled by the American Booksellers Association,

c. How does the Children’s book become a #1 Best Seller?
i. The book must sell or be downloaded a minimum of 1000 (one thousand) books (usually within the 1st week of publication),
ii. The book must also receive a nominal amount of 5 star reviews from individuals that have read the book. Usually 20 or more.

d. As a parent, RESEARCH the #1 Best Seller Author.
i. Check THE AUTHOR’S social media presence to see how the world is daily accepting their book and works.

ii. Google the author’s name to see if the author’s name is recognized,

iii. Does the author have a webpage?

Does your Child Approve the prospect book?

If your child asks that you read again or view again after viewing the FREE video book, Book Trailer or physical book, then this is your best clue that you have chosen a winner!

If your child requests a book that they may have heard about or seen elsewhere… then check Tips 1-4.

Are the illustrations vibrant, colorful and do the illustrations cause the child to identify or impersonate with the book characters?

Here is a place where you can see the monthly #1 Best Selling Children’s Books, click here:

#1 Best Seller’s List of Children’s Books

As a Children’s Book Author of a #1 Best Seller Dr. Qooz has been able to compile the list of winners BECAUSE he successfully ran to gauntlet to become a #1 Best Selling Author.

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