Who is Dr. Qooz, Where is Fargone

Who is Dr. Qooz is an answer every parent is Googling on the internet.

Doctor Qooz’ first book, Who Are You, is a jungle class with a new attendee, Gerri the giraffe from Fargone. It’s Gerri’s first day at school, he does not know anyone, he doesn’t look like anyone else, and it’s a very awkward situation.

Gerri meets each one of his classmates. The first student is Edie, the elephant, next is Fat Harriet Hippo, followed by Zora Zebra, Tode the turtle is the fastest one in the slow class. Miss Krissy Kitty is kind of prissy, and Twyla Toucan is a whimsical playmate.

Even though Gerri feels at first like an outsider, his parents have prepared him for his first day alone at school. At the end of the day, the entire class has a solution.

Doctor Qooz‘ next book in the journey to Fargone is Where Are We, a field trip to paradise. Doctor Qooz promotes the children to:

• Believe Big,
• Dream Big,
• Imagine Big,
• Dare to Be Great and all of their tomorrow’s Possibilities can HAPPEN!

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This is a short video, entitled, “Who is Dr. Qooz”, where you can meet all the characters of the book, Who Are You.”

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