Who Are You, first day of School, Dr Qooz

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Children’s Books for Adults are for parents that did not get an INSTRUCTION MANUAL

for your child when you left the hospital. As the child grows, situations arise where you can Ask Dr. Qooz for answers.

Mom and Dad reading to your child for upcoming events, will ward off the unexpected crash and you will end up looking like the comforter to the child. Preparing for the upcoming events, assures your child of a harmonious transition.

Any Child’s 1st day Alone, at School, or at the sitter’s without Mom and Dad can be traumatic.

• Dr. Qooz can give a sneak peak of the upcoming event, softening the fear by giving the child a preview through the eyes of a fictional character such as Gerri the Giraffe…
• Reading the night before, a hypothetical scenario of Gerri’s first day at school is great preparation for your child in the Dr. Qooz’ book, titled “Who Are You?”
• Gerri the Giraffe meets the other children for the first time in class and is grilled about where he is from, why he came to their school and who he really is.
• Gerri soon finds out that each classmate looks different than him, that they are from different lands, and the common thread that binds them all together is friendship, shown first by Gerri and reflected back to him by the class.
• This book includes:
• The nervous account similar to group bullying,
• Acceptance, Adjusting as an outsider, and the making of new friends.
• Best of all the assurance that Mom and Dad will be there to pick him up after work, is a comfort that will help Gerri through the day!
The multi-fold purposes of the book “Who Are You” are:
a) Help mom and dad explain to their child that he will be alone without them tomorrow,
b) Give their child a degree of comfort when they are alone in a strange place with others that they do not know.
c) Stimulate deductive reasoning, creative thinking, which translates to a reader who will achieve higher scholastic scores and a better vocabulary.

d) A more balanced achiever in the classroom.

Dr. Qooz introduces a strange land called Fargone, a land of enchantment and the mysterious home of Gerri the Giraffe. Gerri is proud of his homeland that seems so far away, but his memory records that Fargone was so exciting that he could never compare this land to home.

The intrigue of the strange land Fargone is foremost in this book, “Who Are You”. Dr. Qooz plans another book coming soon called, “Journey to Fargone”.

The trailer for this book “Who Are You” is available now by clicking the video below.

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