Operator’s Manual for Children


Tips from Dr. Qooz.

Since the beginning of time, parents have found new circumstances involving their children in which they have no idea how to address.

Dr. Qooz has found that most of these scenarios have been found and breached before you became puzzled with, what do I do?

These adult tips have been collected in this compilation of  events titled “Children’s Book for Parents”.

Each event gives the parent a way to enlighten the child while avoiding the embarrassment of not knowing what to do next.

The first adventure includes Gerri the Giraffe and his first day of school.

The first day alone without Mom and Dad can be traumatic. Reading about Gerri’s first day enlightens Gerri about, different looking classmates, bullying, teasing and how friends are formed. The story ends with a moral of the story and a promise by Mom and Dad that they will pick Gerri up after work and they will go home together. The affirmation that being alone in a new place will only last a little while and that meeting new classmates, learning new things can be exciting if addressed in advance allowing to child to get an advanced peek into tomorrow.

Coming soon “Who Are You”?

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